Restaurant Billing Software v3.6.6 (Software Restoran / Rumah Makan)

Visual Restaurant VAT Billing software has developed for beer bar, fast food corner, restaurant, sweet corners, Bakery, ice-cream parlor, hotels, Cafeteria, Pizza-Hut, Pizzeria, Home Delivery (based on customer's mobile number) Counter, club, Corporate Catering on customized concept of KOT ( Kitchen Order Token ) system. Software allows to make bill without KOT system. This software provide total item sale summary and daily sales summary without any burden. You can maintain stock regularly.

Compu- Restaurant Billing Software brings complete solution for managing restaurant in faster and too easier way. This window based software genuinely provides you appropriate medium to fast entry and accurate output of desired input. We presents you brief outline of this software which really helps you to understand it clearly.

Various kind of billing system for different kind of outlets:
    • Bill Generation by KOT System for Dine In like Restaurant / Bar.
    • Coupon or Token Bill (without kot) for self service for Sweets corner, parcel / take away etc.
    • Counter Bill system (without kot) (Sales Invoice, Tax Invoice) for all kind of food outlet like take away, Dine In.
    • Home Delivery by searching customer detail mobile number.
    • Bill and KOT printing available in any size for Windows Thermal, Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix and any windows printer.

There are several option for bill printing as per your requirements:

    • Print current time on Bill (optional).
    • Bill and KOT Serial Number are available in three schedule as daily, monthly, yearly.
    • Waiter Information.
    • Kitchen wise billing or KOT Printout
    • Font selection in Bill and print item name in regional lanuage like Hindi, Gujarati.
    • Print a mesage on bill as welcome message, birthday greetings message and other user define message.
Payment collection is available in this software as Cash, Credit, Cheque, Credit Card and Debit Card. Bill also can be mark as Complimentary Bills.

Software has a systematically stock management system for both kind of items 1) Trade Items & 2) Recipe Items:
    • Purchase / Purchase Return detail.
    • Sales / Sales Return detail .
    • Store Inward.
    • Kitchen Inward / Kitchen Wastage (outward).
    • Recipe Master
    • Item Unit and Conversion (Ex. 1 Kg. = 1000 Grms).
Various kind of reports are available in Software:
    • Sales Report for Item wise, Item Group wise, Kitchen wise, Waiter wise, Computer wise, Operator wise.
    • Sales Report available in Daily Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales Report.
    • Report Bill payment collection for Cash Sales, Credit Sales and other mode of payment described in "Payment collection of Bills".
    • Purchase Qty / Amount Summary by date selection.
    • Issue to Kitchen Summary by date selection.
    • Raw material consumption by date selection.
    • All Inventory reports like Store Stock Balance, Kitchen Stock Balance.
    • Critical Reports like Re-order level, List of Minimum Stock Items, Maximum Stock level, .

You can add / modify one or more user and assign option to them:
    • Add / Modify / Delete user.
    • Easy to Assign ( enable / disable ) option to individual user.
    • Change password of any user by administrator.
Other features, which are not classified in above categories:
    • Create multi table and Rooms.
    • Fast Running Items - Display Button of your running items to make bill fast.
    • Menu Item Price are subject to your Table and Room Choice.
    • Remote and Local Printing.
    • Multiple Tax System.
    • Easy to make price list given in your menu.
    • Table Reservation system - Facilitates you to reserve tables for your customers.
    • Barcode enable billing.
    • Menu Item and Item Group with Icon.
    • Fast Operating using Hotkeys.
Database and development tools used:
    • Backend MS Access Database.
    • Software Type: Offline.

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