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Apa itu Fitness Manager

Fitness Manager adalah software manajemen fitness yg lengkap untuk gym, pusat fitness, aerobik, club kesehatan dan termasuk sanggar tari. Software ini adalah solusi satu untuk semua jenis usaha fitness dan sangat mudah digunakan. Fitness Manager membantu anda untuk mendata aktivitas di club fitness seperti: mencatat kunjungan member, penjualan, membuat paket jasa fitness yang bervariasi, mencatat waktu kerja pegawai, membuat jadwal dan booking, membuat laporan lengkap yang sangat bermanfaat dll..
Jika anda ingin membuat hari kerja anda lebih mudah dan membuat kesan yang bagus untuk pelanggan, Fitness manager adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk anda.

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What is Fitness manager
Software for complete management of gyms, fitness centers, aerobic, health and  other sport clubs including dance schools. This software is all in one solution and very easy to use. Program helps you to track your work in a fitness club: track member visits, sales, create various fitness packages and services, track employee worktime, make schedulings and bookings, use large number of useful reports etc...
If you wish to make your daily work easier and to leave a good impression on your customers, Fitness manager is the right choice for you.

Ready versi :
1. Fitness manager
2. Fitness Manager PLUS
3. Fitness Manager with DAC
4. Fitness Manager PLUS with DAC

Versi Terbaru

What's new in 9.9.7

Release date: August 9, 2017
- Reservations module improved
- Members for selected package module improved
- User interface changes in following modules: Products and Product sale, Daily expenses, Work time, Group actions, Salary, Postpaid ...
- Fixed Windows 10 issue on computes with some regional settings

What's new in 9.9.6

Release date: May 5, 2017
- Great new feature: Monthly payments mode is added. Now you can create packages which are expected to be paid each month in equal monthly amounts(installments).
- Member debt report is improved. Report now shows for each member detailed information about specific packages which are not paid in full.
- Header images for logo and company data are now separated for reports and receipts. For each receipt size you can prepare and set appropriate image size.
- Added new fields to payment window. There are now due date and debt field in payment window.
- Added option to change automatic checkout time if member forgot to checkout.

What's new in 9.9.5

Release date: April 02, 2017
- Added option to print Invoices for Fitness packages. Now for Fitness packages (memberships) you have options to print Invoices, Receipts and Receipts for partial payments.
- Added option to send Receipts and Invoices for Fitness packages by email to your clients.
- Existing email sending options are enhanced. Beside your regular mail account now you can send email to your members by using your Gmail or Yahoo accounts.
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